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Disaster Recovery Denver


Weather conditions that may escalate to the extremes inevitably occur. Whether it be flooding or a storm, the last thing you want to happen is for your data to be unrecoverable due to a disaster. As much as you want to keep employees safe within your building, you should also extend the same amount of care for your IT-resources.

This is why having a disaster recovery plan in Denver is very essential to the survival of a business. Without it, how can companies expect to move on? How can they recover copies of physical files that were drenched during a disaster if they don’t have a digital copy? Or, where can they get a copy of a digital file if it was only stored on the source computer and not backed up onto a server? It’s questions like these that need to be addressed in every disaster recovery plan.

A disaster recovery plan, in essence, is a form of insurance to protect your IT assets in case a disaster strikes. And just like any decent insurance policy, disaster recovery in Denver should provide you with a hassle-free solution at the most cost-effective rate possible.

And this where we here at Senroc Technologies come in to help. We offer you solutions that will enable you to recover in case a disaster strikes and your office and its assets become victim to it. With our help, you can safely recover your most important files and continue to do your business once everything has been settled. 

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A Review From Another Satisfied Client:

Senroc Technologies
Disaster Recovery
Written by: Pam Englebart
Date Published: 06/25/2014
Our server crashed on a Sunday afternoon leaving our company at a standstill. Even though it was unexpected on a weekend, Senroc Technologies worked well into the night to get our systems up and running again. Just in time for employees coming into the office Monday morning! They provided advice and ordered us a replacement server that fit our budget and needs. After the incident, we moved our monthly IT services to Senroc Technologies and we have never been happier!
5 / 5 stars