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Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange Denver


Hosted Exchange Denver

Email is a very important aspect of corporate communications. Although there are several options available with limited to no cost at all, nothing can beat the services of a hosted exchange. If you’re in Denver or the Metro Area and running a small-sized company upwards, it’s time to think about using hosted exchange in Denver as your email service.

So, what exactly is a hosted exchange to begin with? It is a service that makes a Microsoft e-mail box and space available to you, the client, so you can host your data on it. All of the features of a Microsoft mailbox are available with hosted exchange. Meaning, you can check mail and store contacts in an address book. You can also do task management and access documents form different places.

Hosted exchange in Denver is one of the services that we provide our clients, and we make sure that they only get the best service possible. Did we mention that you don’t have to manage the Microsoft mailbox yourself?

With hosted exchange, we the provider host the mailbox for you. For your part, you are given access to it so you can store your data, but when it comes to mail server maintenance, leave that job to us. As you can see, you get all the benefits, but with less hassle.

Here at Senroc Technologies, we value your time above all things. We want your office to be productive. With hosted exchange, everything can be done smoothly. You can share calendars, notes, folders and files with anyone you work with – whether in the same office or the partner office abroad. You can even eliminate scheduling conflicts for resources like meeting rooms because you can immediately see if it is booked.

When you want to work faster and more productively, hosted exchange foes the job. 

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