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The Senroc Process

  • Proactively Manage
  • Standardize and Align
  • Advise and Plan
  • Around-the-Clock Support
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Risk Assessment

Implement a team of professionals armed with proactive techniques to investigate, remediate, and automate your company’s security. In today’s world, you can’t afford to wait until a problem reveals itself. You need to recognize the threats your company faces before they occur. Our cybersecurity experts are here to help.

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing utilizes testing to ensure your company is secured from both internal and external threats. Our professionals mimic the same techniques hackers and criminals use to identify weaknesses. Senroc Technologies takes care of your network infrastructure, web application, and mobile application security assessments.

Managed Security

Advanced Threat Hunting

Go beyond the simple threats you face and uncover minor threats in addition to the obvious ones. Behavioral analytics, testing, and mapping position insulate your business from any potential threats. We make your security tools accessible on a company-wide basis with simplified deployment, onboarding, and training programs.

Incident Response and Forensics

Our digital forensics and incident response teams investigate, detect, and respond to all cyber threats organizations face, big or small.

Managed Detection and Response

Senroc Technologies’ MDR team can implement effective response systems to the types of threats modern businesses face. Organizations often have trouble setting up dedicated teams for specific types of threats. They also face issues with the skills gap. Senroc Technologies can eliminate both issues.
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cybersecurity data protection training

Data Protection

Senroc Technologies has a team of professionals who can secure your information on a company-wide basis. Regardless of the level of regulatory concerns your organization faces, Senroc Technologies is here to ensure your customers’ information is always protected.

There are standards for the collection, usage, storage, and sharing of your customer’s data. We understand the compliance issues you face and empower your team with the right tools to deliver.


Keep your organization informed and stay ahead of the sophisticated techniques and high-impact vulnerabilities your company faces. With Senroc Technologies’ training program, you can sharpen your skills with scenario-based training that enact proven concepts.

Benefit from a team who implements self-paced learning activities that lead to adoption. Monitor your employees’ performance and gamify cybersecurity for your team members. We’re here to simplify cybersecurity.

Let Senroc Technologies Take Care of All Your Cybersecurity Needs

Senroc Technologies is Denver’s trusted cybersecurity provider. Implement the correct security measures that will keep your company safe in an increasingly threatening environment. Arm them with the training and tools they need to protect your organization.