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Managed IT Services

Proactive Monitoring and Alerts
Around-the-clock monitoring. Personable, friendly, and knowledgeable support that provides access to real-time reports and support. Implement consistent site performance with limited downtime and always be able to reach your IT specialists.
Disaster Recovery
Implement measures that improve your network reliability and provide safety protocols during unexpected events.
Infrastructure and Application Migrations
Benefit from a managed services provider who analyzes your infrastructure and determines which applications should migrate to the cloud.

Access the cost, agility, and scalability of an MSP who tailors your applications to your business needs with zero downtime.

Tailored Packages, Flat-Rate Pricing
Benefit from an MSP who tailors your solutions and packaging based on your needs. You deserve the ability to scale without worrying about whether you have the right infrastructure in place.
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Next Generation Service Management

Hands-on, personable expertise ensures a white-glove solution for your managed IT services that limits downtime and provides around-the-clock service.

External Threat Protection icon
Continuous Compliance. Internal and External Threat Protection.

Around-the-clock monitoring ensures non-stop compliance to all security standards for your organization’s standards. Thorough security analysis of your infrastructure implements a proactive threat response.

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Supplemental IT –
We Work with Your Team

Benefit from a team of IT specialists who seamlessly integrate with your existing IT team. We simplify collaboration across your organization and provide a personalized approach to supplemental IT. Dedicated resources and familiarity between you and your business give you the scalable IT solutions you need.
Filling in the Gap icon
Filling in the Gap

Give your team the support they need with team members who are ready to fill the growing IT skills gap. Avoid the cost of hiring and use our supplemental IT department to fulfill all your responsibilities.

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Qualified Professionals

Our Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers are always available to respond to your business’s unique IT needs. Regardless of how many resources you need, we analyze your infrastructure and ensure you have all you need to modify your IT department.

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Managed Stacks

Fully-managed technology stacks and employee training ensures your team understands precisely how to operate all of your infrastructures.

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Strategic Advisors

We dedicate ourselves to tailor your IT infrastructure to your distinct needs. When you face a decision about your IT infrastructure, we can provide you with the feedback you need to streamline your IT department.

dependable cloud networking services

Dependable Cloud Networking Services

Whether you need a private, public, or hybrid, or multi cloud infrastructure, we can operate software that streamlines your development, deployment, and scaling.

  • Lower Your CapEx and OpEx

We give you the tools to optimize your infrastructure and utilize the automation you need. Doing so improves your efficiency and increases your scalability.

  • A Single Solution for Your Cloud Infrastructure

Our cloud networking solutions help you standardize your cloud infrastructure. Whether your network uses virtual, containerization, or physical workloads, we can automate your systems to ensure your workloads are consistent.

  • Faster Application Adoption

Full-stack solutions for your cloud infrastructure that improve application performance and reduce the time your teams need to adopt applications.

Microsoft 365 and Exchange Migration Services

Enlist the help of an organization who commits to white glove treatment and zero downtime and data loss. Utilize Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solutions providers experts who know the tools you need for cloud networking success.

  • More Efficient Planning

Senroc Technologies offers you a comprehensive solution for your migration. We analyze your current infrastructure and provide employee training to ensure an efficient migration that avoids data loss and downtime.

  • Increase Collaboration

Provide your employees with streamlined communication options that facilitate group collaboration.

  • Faster Adoption

We can consult you on how to expedite your migration adoption. Company architecture analysis reveals guidelines you need to set. We also provide ongoing training for your employees so they feel empowered throughout adoption.

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managed it network

Managed Networks

Benefit from managed IT experts who analyze your network and determine the secure network solution you need.

  • Around-the-Clock Monitoring
  • Pre-Incident Approach to Maintenance
  • Provider, Hosting, and Domain Management
  • Configuration and Ongoing Management
  • Patch Management
  • Disaster Recovery

Email Security

Email security is about more than simply protecting your users’ inboxes from spam. Yes, we implement content filters, blacklist filters, header filters, and others. But email security is also about training your employees. Social engineering is one of the most imminent threats companies face today. To protect your organization, we run employee training programs that keep your data and company information safe.

  • Enhanced Reports

With our email security system, you can track employee progress while identifying any risks or vulnerabilities before they get exploited.

  • User-Friendly Solutions

We understand much of email security comes from your ability to train your employees. With our training programs, your employees can confidently track their progress as they learn what to look for in suspicious emails.

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Data Backup and Recovery

You deserve a backup and recovery solution that protects your company’s sensitive data, and keeps your computer clusters, database servers, and active directory services safe. With Senroc Technologies, you benefit from both on and off-premise servers and cloud storage backup systems.

Your Business Integrity
Put systems in place that fortify your business and keep your company information secure. We can ensure preemptive measures are in place that minimize your downtime and keep you moving in the right direction.
Standardize Customer Satisfaction
Around-the-clock availability is critical to customer satisfaction. We limit downtime and ensure you establish a clean, consistent experience for all your customers.
Guaranteed Compliance
Data loss and downtime can both hinder compliance and legal requirements. Whether you’re a financial institution or medical practice, we’re here to respond to any gaps and maintain complete compliance. No matter what type of other company who has to keep their clients’ data
Private Cloud Backups
Backup and recovery plans are critical when migrating to the cloud. We ensure you have a backup plan in place that protects all of your sensitive data.
IT vendor management

Vendor Management (Internet, Phones, and More)

Effective IT departments understand how to implement processes that control costs, promote service, and reduce risk to ensure your business gets the most out of its vendors. At Senroc Technologies, we select third-party vendors specialized to your needs.

Denver’s Most-Trusted MSP

At Senroc Technologies, we provide full-service managed IT services that simplify your infrastructure and keep you lean in a rapidly changing technology environment. Put the right resources in your employees’ hands and focus on your core business principles. We’re here to integrate with your existing systems and tailor your IT package to your needs.

Implement scalability, continuity, and seamless configuration into your business today.


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