Email Security Solutions

An estimated 91% of cyber attacks begin with an email. This statistic demonstrates the need for every business, no matter how large or small, to have an effective email security plan. With our advanced spam filtering solutions and email security software, you can be assured your information and employees are secure. At Senroc Technologies, we stop email threats before they occur.


Protection from Both Internal and External Threats

Blocking spam is just the beginning. Many organizations forget they still need to secure their organization from internal threats. Senroc Technologies takes email security one step further, providing training and skills that teach your team members how to internally insulate your organization from outside threats.


Email Threat Training to Keep Your Organization Safe

Spam filters work to weed out potential emails threats, but the ways cyber attackers coordinate their attacks has changed over the years. Social engineering is now one of the most prevalent threats organizations face. At Senroc Technologies, we provide training and phishing simulations to employees so you can insulate your organization from foreign threats.
Phishing Simulations
At Senroc Technologies, we provide phishing simulations that send fake emails to the employees email accounts in your organization. We can track which employees click on the email and or send it to their spam folder and monitor the highest risk staff so management can view those issues and adapt accordingly.
Unified Monitoring Under One Platform
With Senroc Technologies’ unified platform, you can gamify the process so each organization has a leaderboard that displays employee IDs. These IDs let employees track how their threat-response skills progress. This encourages employees to improve and increase their knowledge regarding the types of threats your company faces.
Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection
Your organization’s reputation and finances are at risk. That’s why we use Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). This cloud-based cyberthreat prevention and detection software protects your organization against viruses and malware that includes zero-day attacks orchestrated via Office 365. ATP recognizes the latest viruses as well as unidentified threats that haven’t been studied by most antivirus technology databases.

Eliminate Advanced Threats and Restrict Access to Malicious URLs and Attachments

Email threats are no longer easy to spot. As these cybercriminals increase the sophistication of their attacks, you need a solution that responds to malware, ransomware, zero-day attacks, and spam. Senroc Technologies offer pre-incident protection that protects your entire organization. Senroc Technologies’ real-time analysis identifies malicious URLs and attachments to protect your organization.

  • Filter Spam and Malware

Senroc Technologies filters all of your emails before delivery, cleaning your email server and protecting you from email threats. With virus scanning, spam scoring, and real-time intent analysis, your spam system integrates URL link protection and reputation checks to ensure all of your email stays protected. Around-the-clock surveillance scans all of your emails and delivers data to our advanced technology.

  • Advanced Technology

With Senroc Technologies, you benefit from advanced technologies that integrate behavioral analytics, sandboxing, and static analysis to detect and avoid any threats.

  • Avoid Malicious Email Links

Emails feature one of the easiest access points for hackers to capture sensitive information. These attackers often try to take your users to malicious sites. But with Senroc Technologies, you can protect your users with our link protection.

  • Monitor Outbound Email and Prevent Data Leaks

Employees might accidentally compromise internal systems. But with Senroc Technologies’ outbound protection, you never have to worry about internal network security threats. We protect your employees and customers, and prevent you from being added to spam-block lists.

  • Zero Data Loss and Email Encryption

Senroc Technologies features data loss protection and email encryption that keeps all of your data safe. Whether you handle credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, or HIPAA data, you never have to worry about it being compromised. Our content policies and automatic encryption blocks outbound emails based on content, sender, and recipient.

Why Senroc Technologies?

Guaranteed Security
With advanced encryption techniques, we not only stop viruses, worms, and malware. We encrypt all your data to protect you from any online threats.
Control Over Your Emails
Never wonder who has access to your email system again. Senroc Technologies identifies the users who should have access within your organization so you see the actions that occur within your organization.
Optimized Email Search
With our accessible, intuitive indexing system, you will never wonder how to access essential emails again.

Senroc Technologies Can Handle All of Your Email Protection Needs

Email is one of your organization’s most important communication assets. Without a clearly established security strategy, your organization’s data and sensitive information could be at risk.

Contact Senroc Technologies today and ensure your organization’s emails stay protected. With real-time analysis that blocks malicious URLs, malware, phishing, and ransomware, you can eliminate external threats. With our training and personalized support team, we also free you from internal threats and let you focus on your core business principles.

From email protection, IT consulting, managed IT services, to Microsoft Office 365 migration, Senroc Technologies can handle all your IT service needs.


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