End-User Employee Training for Both Internal and External Threats

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Threat Simulations
At Senroc Technologies, we provide phishing simulations that send fake emails to the employees in your organization. These simulations use skills training to expose your employees to the various types of threats they face while using your IT infrastructure.
A Unified Platform
We simplify employee adoption by using a unified platform where employees can clearly track their learning and development progress throughout the training. They will be able to see their employee IDs and track their learning. Combined with our hands-on, personable approach to training, this unified platform streamlines the learning curve and makes it fun for your employees.

Does Your Organization Need End-User Training?


Your organization needs end-user training for multiple reasons. First, you can’t afford to risk your company’s data and sensitive information with internal threats. Your employees must understand how to recognize and respond to various threats, such as social engineering, phishing, and various internet and email attacks.

Your employees should also be able to identify the various ways they can simplify access to software and applications. Combined, these elements create a more productive, safe, and collaborative work environment for your business.

What Are the Benefits of End-User Training?

End-user training can be beneficial in many ways. It increases productivity by familiarizing your employees with various software applications and email systems.

It also ensures your company guards itself against internal threats from methods such as phishing and social engineering. Lastly, it facilitates collaboration by consolidating and standardizing your company procedures.

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How Can We Tailor End-User Training?

We tailor your end-user training to your organization’s specific needs. Whether you need training surrounding internal security or post-migration training, we analyze your company needs.

Microsoft Office 365 training for the following:

  • Teams
  • Excel
  • OneNote
  • Word
  • Planner
  • OneDrive
  • Flow
  • SharePoint
  • Outlook

Our tailored approach to end-user training caters to specific roles and ensures your courses respond to your particular needs.

What Type of Cybersecurity Threats Can End-User Training Prevent?

Social Engineering icon
Social Engineering

Keep your organization running smoothly using the latest methods. Social engineering training keeps your organization safe from threats such as phishing, baiting, scareware, honey traps, and smishing/SMS.

We implement phishing simulations so your organization can actively monitor employee progress. We also coordinate yearly seminars to keep your employees updated on the latest threats.

Internet and Email Use icon
Internet and Email Use

Careless internet and email uses can lead to pervasive threats that access your company’s data. They might also be able to install malware and ransomware. Senroc Technologies implements comprehensive training programs so your employees understand the risks involved with internet use.

Cloud Security icon
Cloud Security
Cloud service providers will be able to take care of certain security responsibilities but organizations can manage users and their privileges. They can also guard against unauthorized access and facilitate compliance in cloud computing.
Passwords icon
Passwords and Authentication
Password and authentication training helps your organization improve their productivity while remaining secure. Your employees should understand who has access to what software in your organization. They should protect your network and prevent users from gaining access to sensitive data. Our effective training methods ensure your employees’ learning is streamlined and clear.
Device Security icon
Mobile Device Security

Mobile devices are some of the most vulnerable endpoints in your organization. You need systems and training in place to ensure the remote work environment and accessibility of your network don’t compromise your organization’s sensitive data.

Remote Work icon
Remote Work
As more and more companies shift to a remote work environment, they need their employees to responsibly use the network and maintain security. Our training packages provide education for everyone in your organization so they can work remotely and responsibly. It blends learning and experience through remote methods so employees understand how to respond in real time.
Public Wi-Fi icon
Public Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable. Senroc Technologies can ensure your teams understand what to share and how to secure your company information.

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Around-the-Clock Support

At Senroc Technologies, we believe your organization should be safe from both internal and external threats. Your employees need to be able to identify threats so they don’t compromise your business’s integrity, data, and sensitive information.

Our personable IT experts can tailor your training needs with an easy-to-use platform and an approach that makes training fun and exciting.

Contact us today at (303) 350-4055 to learn more about how you can keep your organization safe from threats.