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At least 20% of Small-to-Medium sized Businesses have been the target of cyber crime. Companies continue to implement more technology into their infrastructure, giving hackers and cyber criminals more vulnerabilities to exploit. As you adopt more IT solutions, produce more data, and implement cloud computing, the need for network security becomes more critical.

You’re unknowingly fighting a war against ransomware, hacks, attacks, vulnerabilities, and data theft. You need a tailored, pre-incident network security package that adapts to your cybersecurity needs faster than criminals can. Senroc Technologies is here for you with custom cybersecurity services and security consulting.

Pre-Incident Response to Hacks & Attacks

Hackers, attackers, and automated web bots don’t take breaks from trying to gain access to your network and the private customer and business information within. When successful, attackers can lock down your data. Even worse, they can release your customer information to the world.

With the overwhelming number of security threats you face, you need a network security company that can evaluate your vulnerabilities. With Senroc Technology, you won’t have to worry about lost revenues due to downtime. With our cybersecurity consulting, we respond to threats before they occur so you won’t have to worry about whether you’re liable for large fines due to data breaches.

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Eliminate Internal Threats

Your company faces more than external threats. You need a network security company that creates policies and protocols that educate your team on their role to continue to keep the network safe.

Additionally, eCommerce companies need network security measures for their customer data, private information, and credit card information they intake. Other companies must adhere to HIPAA and SOC regulations. In these cases, you need a network security provider whose services offer a tailored security solution to your needs.

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Tailor Your Network Security Package to Your Needs.
  • We Evaluate Your Network Security Needs

Your network security package shouldn’t be unnecessarily complicated. On the other hand, you can’t afford to leave network security measures to chance. That’s why we evaluate the individual needs of your company. Whether you’re more susceptible to phishing attacks or have to comply with HIPAA regulations and house sensitive company information, we have a managed security service package that fits your needs.

  • Network Security Health Analysis

To identify your network security package, we conduct a thorough assessment of your existing infrastructure. We identify vulnerabilities and determine a strategy that works best with your budget. Our flat-rate pricing ensures you get the resources you need and don’t overpay for those you don’t.

  • Enact Your Network Security Strategy.

After we analyze your network health and identify its gaps, we quickly enact your strategy to prevent you from further threats. At Senroc Technologies, we operate on a pre-incident basis, meaning we respond to threats before they occur.

  • Implement

We will implement a complete security plan to provide a comprehensive security solution.

What Are the Types of Network Security?

Next-Generation Firewall
Benefit from an effective firewall strategy that monitors incoming and outgoing traffic on networks. Pre-incident security measures are a necessary function of daily computing measures. Firewalls (especially next-generation firewalls) are integral components of your network security strategy as they block malware and application-layer attacks.
Network Segmentation
Network segmentation clearly defines the boundaries for your networks so assets within the group share common functions. This creates the potential for threats from outside the network. At Senroc Technologies, we protect your organization’s sensitive data. Organizations are able to define additional internal boundaries within their network, improving network security and controlling access.
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Access Control
Access control is critical for any business that has sensitive information. It clearly defines the individuals or groups who can access network applications and systems and eliminates the threat of unauthorized access and threats. We can also implement identity and access management protocols (IAM) to identify users on a role-based-access-control (RBAC) basis. These measures ensure the users have authorized access to your assets.
Zero Trust

Zero trust security models restrict permissions and implement security measures that require the user to fulfill. Traditional security measures grant users full access to the network. Zero trust networks provide software-defined perimeters that limit users’ access to an organization’s application.

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Remote Access VPN
Remote access VPN provides remote and secure access to company networks. They identify and define the hosts or clients, such as telecommuters, mobile users, and extranet consumers. These solutions ensure the privacy of your sensitive company data and information with multi-factor authentication, endpoint compliance scanning, and encryption of data.
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Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention (DLP) uses technology and policies to prevent sensitive information from winding up in the wrong hands. This is particularly important for personally identifiable information and compliance information, such as the following:


  • SOX
  • PCI
  • DSS
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Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)

IPS technologies detect and prevent network security attacks, such as brute force attacks, Denial of Service (DOS) attacks, and exploits of vulnerabilities. Senroc Technologies responds to these vulnerabilities (weaknesses in software systems) and exploits (attacks that leverage vulnerabilities) for accurate threat detection.

Traditional cybersecurity solutions often leave an opportunity for attackers to access the network before applying the security patch. Senroc Technologies’ IPS systems don’t leave these windows and block attackers from network access.

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Hyperscale Network Security
Hyperscale security features refer to the architecture’s ability to scale appropriately as demand increases. This method of network security deploys rapid resources when the demand for network security increases and reduces resources when the demand decreases.
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Cloud Network Security

Your applications and workloads are no longer hosted exclusively on-premise in a local data center. To protect your modern data center, you need increased flexibility and innovation so you can implement the correct method of migration to the cloud. Software-defined Networking (SDN) and Software-defined-Wide-Area Networks (SD-WAN) establish network security solutions in private, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.

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Senroc Technologies Keeps Your Network Safe

You deserve an adaptable organization at the helm who:

  • Protects your network
  • Implements behavioral analysis and state-of-the-art threat intelligence.
  • Boosts control over your application and user behavior to ward off malware.

As more organizations migrate to hybrid and multi-cloud environments, data security is more important than ever. Organizations are also using data across larger distances, which poses data sovereignty issues. Companies should be able to control who has access to their systems and data, regardless of their size or needs. With Senroc Technologies’ zero-trust approach to security, you always verify the user accessing your network.

Benefit from the following types of network security:


  • Firewall protection
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Network access control (NAC)
  • Cloud Security
  • Virtual private network (VPN)
  • Data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Endpoint protection
  • Unified threat management (UTM)
  • Secure web gateway
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