Office 365 Exchange And Migration Services

Tailored, Scalable Migrations
Senroc Technologies offers a tailored, scalable migration solution for your business. With a flat-rate pricing model, you’re never caught off-guard by surprise costs. You know you need to migrate to a different platform, it’s time to give your company permission. Benefit from a Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider committed to making the transition to Office 365 as easy as possible.
Migrate to Office 365 with a Friendly, Approachable MSP
Benefit from a migration provider who applies a white-glove approach to your migration. We guide you every step of the way through your migration. We ensure all your passwords get reset correctly, your filters operate according to plan, and your inboxes get organized.

Our migration services are in-person, so you won’t feel the need to create a help ticket or wait on the phone. We keep in close contact with you throughout our office 365 exchange services to ensure you feel comfortable.

Support from Pre to Post Migration

Our turnkey migrations ensure all your users receive the full support they need, including pre- and post-migration support. Your employees should be able to integrate with your new email system with minimal to no disruption. Your migration partner should also be able to easily locate all of your important files and use shortcuts to streamline your migration.

We don’t leave your organization unprotected after we complete your migration. We host a celebratory post-migration event that ensures your employees maximize Office 365. All their questions will be answered, whether they’re about setting up their email on mobile or desktop or migrating files.

Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers Who Ensure Zero Data Loss and Downtime

Whether you have a single mailbox to migrate or three thousand mailboxes, our certified, Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider team members commit to migration processes that feature zero downtime and data loss.

Data migration to Microsoft Office 365 is extremely time-consuming and requires a meticulous eye for detail. With our proactive approach to migration, we map out the potential challenges beforehand and avoid any mishaps that might occur.

Exchange Migration to Office 365

You can’t afford any downtime to migrate your infrastructure. You need a solution that takes care of disaster recovery and maintains your business’s continuity across your organization.

We perform a feasibility study and cost analysis on your network structure. Whether you need a staged, cutover, hybrid, or IMAP migration, all of your components including mail flow, OWA redirection, journaling mailbox, and retention policies stay intact.

Migration from G-Suite to Office 365

Gmail offers limited space to each mailbox user or companies that need increased bandwidth to carry out day-to-day operations. With Senroc Technologies, you can migrate each user’s email accounts, calendars, contacts, to-do-lists, and drafts to Office 365 from Gmail.

Organizations can then take full advantage of Microsoft 365 integration, which includes the usage of SharePoint, Exchange, and Power BI. Additionally, users receive an additional 50 GB of mailbox space with unlimited archiving, increased capacity when compared to Gmail.

The Different Types of Migration

Which type of migration we use for your company depends on the size of your organization and its needs. Senroc looks at your organization in detail to determine the best way to approach your Microsoft 365 migration.
Staged Migration

Staged Office 365 migration features batched movements, which includes all your resource mailboxes and existing users from Exchange 2003 or 2007 to Microsoft Office 365. This method of migration is perfect for medium-sized companies with Microsoft Exchange 2003 or 2007. Unfortunately, it is not ideal for those with Exchange 2010 or 2013.

A Directory Synchronization tool replicates your accounts from the on-premise Active Directory database. During the migration, Office 365 users can still send and receive emails from users that haven’t migrated. The only resources that will be inaccessible during the migration will be calendars and delegates.

Cutover Migration

Cutover migrations are immediate transitions from on-premise Exchange systems of Office 365. In this model, all your resources migrate at once, which includes mailboxes, contacts, and distribution groups. During cutover migrations, you cannot select specific objects to migrate. Once the migration is complete, everyone within your organization will have an Office 365 account.

Cutover migrations are best for any business currently using Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, or 2013 with less than 2,000 mailboxes. For any business with less than 150 users, Microsoft recommends a cutover migration.

Hybrid Migration

Hybrid migrations let you integrate your Office 365 with an on-premise Exchange server and existing directory services. This makes it possible to synchronize and manage user accounts for both environments. With hybrid migrations, you can move mailboxes in and out of Exchange Online.

You can also pick which mailboxes to keep on-premises and which to migrate to Office 365. To facilitate a hybrid migration, you need more than 2,000 mailboxes. If you don’t have at least 2,000 mailboxes, you must install at least one on-premises Exchange 2013 or Exchange 2010.

IMAP Migration

The other Office 365 migration types depend solely on Exchange migrations. IMAP migrations can also transition your business from Gmail or any other email system supporting IMAP migrations. This type of migration takes information from your source mailboxes and transfers it to Office 365.

The caveat with IMAP migrations is that it doesn’t transition to anything other than email. Calendar items, tasks, and contacts stay in your original inbox and you have to migrate them manually. With IMAP migration, you can create a mailbox for each user before initiating an email migration. IMAP migrations have a limit of 50,0000 mailboxes and 5,0000,000 items. Once the migration is finished, new mail sent to the original mailbox won’t migrate.


The Phases of Our Migration Process

  • Team introduction
  • Plan and provision for your migration.
  • Determine the migration time frame.
  • Dispatch a migration team for your project.
  • Decommission old email service (on-premise Exchange, Google Workplace, etc.)
  • Tailored migration completed based on the structural audit.

Senroc Technologies is your security blanket during post-migration. To ensure organization-wide adoption, we host a celebratory event at your office to answer any questions you have about your migration.

Whether your employees need help setting up their computer or mobile devices, we ensure your migration is a long-term solution.

Our Migration Promise

Proven Processes from Configuration to Post-Migration and Training
Zero Downtime During Migration
Proven Track Record with Migrations
Tier-1 Microsoft Certified Provider.
99.9 Uptime and SLAs
White Glove Migration
White Glove Migration

We tailor your job to the most meticulous detail possible. With a single manager dedicated to your team throughout every phase of the migration, we ensure an efficient process so you don’t have to fret.

Proven Processes
Proven Processes

The key to a successful migration is clearly thought-out processes for each phase. From pre-migration to post, we closely evaluate your business and train your employees. With Senroc Technologies, you benefit from a team devoted to your safe Microsoft adoption on a company-wide basis. We give you the tools to feel confident in your systems.

Zero Downtime During Migration
Zero Downtime During Migration

We are committed to a smooth transition. Your emails are safe with our proven migration processes and you can count on our zero downtime and data loss promise.

Tier 1 Microsoft Office 365 partner
Tier 1 Microsoft Office 365 partner

As a Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we provide the highest level of service possible for migrations to Microsoft 365. You benefit from personable experts who guide you through our migration process, from pre to post.

Commitment to Reliable and Secure Migrations

Microsoft Office 365 comes with the guarantee of 99.9% uptime with a financially-backed service level agreement (SLA).

Your Secure Migration Is a Phone Call Away with Senroc Technologies

At Senroc Technologies, we believe you should have access to around-the-clock service and a commitment to an efficient migration processes. We understand this transition can seem overwhelming. That’s why our experts guide you through every step of the process while ensuring data security and zero downtime

You should be able to focus on your core business principles without worrying about hiring an in-house team. Contact us today, and benefit from Tier-1 Microsoft CSPs familiar with the exact requirements of 365 migration.



What Is Microsoft Office 365?
Microsoft Office 365 is subscription based and its services are hosted in the cloud, offering users access to services and software built on the Microsoft Office platform.
What Are the Primary Benefits of Office 365?
Office 365 is cloud-based so companies don’t have to maintain their servers, implement upgrades, or worry about operation costs. It also lets users access their contacts, emails, and calendars and documents from anywhere in the world from nearly any endpoint devices.
How Is Office 365 Different from Microsoft Office?
Office 365 refers to the subscription plans that offer Office applications and other productivity services enabled from the cloud. Microsoft Office refers to Microsoft’s productivity software.